Having worked in the tech verticals of multiple corporate giants and leading analytics teams across industries in India, my professional life came with many familiar comforts. The path I was on was well-worn and smooth. 

However, there had always been a yearning to grow further, to challenge myself more, and to unleash my skills and capabilities in a way that only exposing myself to the unknown could bring. 

What better way to do this than by joining an MBA programme?

As I was preparing to apply for the Cambridge MBA for the next year, I stumbled upon a 5-day window for Round 6 applications for the 2023/24 intake. The challenge of writing my life story and showcasing my skills in such a short time seemed almost impossible. The rational part of my brain told me it couldn’t be done, but my heart urged me to take this leap of faith. After all, Round 6 doesn’t come around every year, and this year, it was my chance. And voilà! Here I am, living the dream life – living the Cambridge life!

Being a Round 6 applicant came with its unique challenges, but the entire batch and the MBA Admissions team supported me on my journey, making it as smooth as possible. Within just two days of landing in the UK for the very first time, I felt a sense of family. My batchmates were not only extremely helpful and accommodating, but they also went out of their way to assist me.

While I know the road ahead is going to be tough – transitioning from a professional career to a student, finding your niche in a foreign land, and honing all the necessary skills to be the best version of yourself; personally and professionally – I sense that the people around me will be the pillars of support, backing each other up and pushing to achieve the goals that we’re all here for. This not only helped me understand the immense values and ethos my whole class upholds but also allowed me to find a family away from home.

It’s been almost a month since I landed in the UK, the first child in my entire family to find the courage to study abroad at one of the most prestigious universities in the world. The only thought I continuously have is, “Why didn’t I do this sooner?” 

With so many opportunities around me – debates, sports, academics, research – and a class so diverse, including influencers, architects, engineers, doctors, microbiologists, analysts and more from 45+ nationalities, not only are the classes enriching, but the social interactions, café catch-ups, and walking sessions are incredibly insightful. Meeting people from all around the world with experiences you’d only imagine in movies makes me feel grateful to be part of such a cohort. 

Just imagine, one of my classmates has para-jumped more than 90 times – 90!

In a month, I feel like I’ve lived a lifetime and I’m sure the rest of the year is not only going to be spectacular but will also change me in ways I never imagined. There’s something in the air of Cambridge that helps you not only acquire intellectual capabilities but also enjoy and reflect on life, in ways you never thought possible. (Pro tip: It happens the best when you try punting; especially the night punt)

Throughout this journey, all I can suggest to anyone reading this is to have faith in your capabilities and take that leap of faith. Because you never know what magical experiences life has in store for you, waiting to change you forever!