Life’s a fascinating journey, and sometimes it takes unexpected turns that lead us to remarkable destinations. My story is a testament to the power of passion, ambition, and the pursuit of new horizons. 

As a dentist with a Master’s in Oral Medicine and Radiology, I was well-versed in the nuanced dimension of clinical practice and the study of the diagnosis and management of a wide range of oral and maxillofacial conditions. However, my heart yearned for more, for an opportunity to explore new avenues and make a broader impact on the healthcare industry. I strongly believe that the evolving healthcare industry has broken the shackles for doctors to think beyond patient management and apply their knowledge to work towards an inclusive healthcare industry.  

It all began in 2017, when I made the pivotal decision to transition from conventional dentistry to the dynamic world of healthcare organisations that focus on real-world data. This introduced me to a new realm of complexities, as I delved deeper into the intricacies of Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and their impact on care management. Eventually, leading teams to deliver real-world data that improved cancer outcomes and treatment analysis helped me discover strengths beyond my technical skills. 

I realised that the healthcare industry is transforming into a patient-centric and empirical industry and as a doctor, my experience adds a vital perspective to the entire process of tackling various systemic challenges in the healthcare industry. This led me to the doors of Cambridge Judge Business School at the University of Cambridge. It was indeed a challenging step for a mother of a three-year-old child, hailing from an Asian country – but this decision would reshape my future. 

The experience of my first month at Cambridge has been beyond enriching. What makes the Cambridge MBA programme so special? Well, it is not just about the academic rigour and excellence; it is about the environment of curiosity and innovation that permeates the very air you breathe. 

The traditions of Cambridge, including the Formal Dinner and the Matriculation ceremony, connect you to a rich history that shapes your individuality. The collegiate system at Cambridge University allows you to interact with people from diverse backgrounds. I have the opportunity to interact with Ph.D. students, individuals pursuing master’s degrees in biotechnology and data science on a daily basis; they are my college floor mates. We discuss the trends in our respective fields, our work cultures, and these conversations are invaluable. 

Cambridge is not just about the past; it’s about the future. I had the privilege of meeting brilliant scientists during networking sessions, and I sensed that the birth of breakthrough discoveries is happening right here, right now. Their determination and innovative thinking pushes you to achieve more and to evolve your thought process every day. 

The city of Cambridge itself is a breathtaking backdrop for this journey. I enjoyed beautiful rides along the river Cam, soaking in the city’s beauty, and finding inspiration to write this very blog. 

But it’s not just about the city or the history; it’s also about the people. At Cambridge Judge I have met individuals from over 15 different nationalities within the first three weeks. My cohort alone represents 45 nationalities. Gaining insights from their varied cultural backgrounds and professional journeys was truly enlightening. The engaging workshops led by our talented professors make the classes intellectually stimulating on every level. 

Additionally, participating in challenges like case competitions where you compete with the world’s top B-schools improve your problem-solving skills. The experience of working on my very first case competition will always be close to my heart, and it gets exponentially better when you have a diverse and enthusiastic team.

It is quite a transition from fixing teeth to trying to fix economies. Haha! Jokes aside, the knowledge acquisition, collaboration, and last but not least, learning how to convey my ideas were extremely valuable. I look forward to such events. 

Of course, as a dentist, grappling with accounting, corporate finance and statistics has been challenging. But with an influential curriculum, unwavering support from the Business School team, and the collaborative spirit of my peers and the broader Cambridge ecosystem, I have faith in the journey ahead. 

Together, these elements promise an unparalleled educational experience that will empower me to make a positive impact on the world. The transition from dental drills to MBA skills is a thrilling one, and I am excited to see where this journey leads me, in the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare and business.