There is a saying that time flies when you are having a good time. One and a half months here has proved it nothing less than true.

Having been working in business development for over 5 years in FMCG, Tech, and E-commerce, I would like to push myself further to pursue the next quest of life and career. Cambridge Judge Business School was my one and only choice since the beginning of this journey.

Starting my new chapter of life in Cambridge has opened me to many new perspectives, through academic, social, as well as the job search hustle and bustle. Cambridge Judge has already provided a fair balance of these elements. This is clearly seen from my first hands-on experience in doing the Cambridge Venture Project (CVP), a six-week MBA project allowing students to apply theory into practice in the real world with a live client project. One learning I really value apart from job learning is that “Diversity” will be able to be truly maximised only with “Collaboration”. (Intended meaning: Without collaboration, diversity means nothing)

Our CVP team consists of a team of five people from a diverse group of nationalities; American, Chinese, British, African, and Thai, and many diverse backgrounds ranging from aircraft to law, but a collaborative mindset binds us together, bringing us along and moving forwards. This valuable culture has also been cultivated through the MBA courses themselves and the many activities, such as simulations and study cases. There are also lots of resources that have been provided to us across all sectors and teams from the Careers Team to academics and faculty. It’s now all about our own choices.

Not to mention about a collegiate university and Cambridge vibe life, I could say that I will never get enough of it. Having experiences meeting with so many interesting people from around the globe and from different sectors, sipping the vibe of formal dining, enjoying punting on a sunny day, walking and cycling in the city are now my favourite parts of many days.

This is the time and the right place to learn, to experiment, to share, and to live the life. I am sure that my next ten months will fly in the blink of an eye! And, let’s see what the future holds.