Pictured: With my teammates Diaz, Priyamvada, and Gustav (left to right) and our Snafu contact Mira (centre).

As part of the MBA curriculum at Cambridge Judge Business School, students are required to complete a consulting project known as the Global Consulting Project (GCP) during Lent Term. For this project, we had the opportunity to provide consulting services to a real-world client, Snafu Records, a record label based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Our team, consisting of four MBA students, was selected to work with Snafu Records as part of the Global Consulting Project (GCP) at Cambridge Judge Business School. The primary objective of the project was to provide recommendations to Snafu Records on how to build out and further develop their Fine Art platform, which provides artists with cash advances on their music royalties. To achieve this objective, we conducted user research and strategic analysis, including interviews with various musical artists across several countries.

We were fortunate enough to be able to travel to Stockholm and work together in person for one week. During this time, we had the opportunity to meet with various employees at Snafu Records, including those in finance, engineering, and data analytics, to gain a better understanding of the company’s operations and the challenges they face.

We also met and worked with Cambridge MBA alumnus, Mira Howard, Head of Fine Art at Snafu Records.

Overall, the Global Consulting Project provided us with a valuable opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills we acquired during our MBA programme to a real-world business challenge. By working closely with Snafu Records, we were able to provide actionable recommendations that can help the client company achieve its objectives and continue to innovate in the highly competitive music industry.

Pictured: With my teammate Gustav (right) and Snafu CEO Ankit (centre).