As Father’s Day is coming close, I reflect on the experience of fatherhood amid the rigorous journey at Cambridge Judge Business School.

Moving to Cambridge with my wife and six-year-old daughter last September, we started a journey filled with uncertainties. I had concerns, naturally. Balancing intense MBA coursework with being a father and a husband felt like an uphill climb. Yet, Cambridge welcomed us with open arms.

The city, with its rich academic atmosphere and family-friendly environment, made our transition smoother than we had anticipated. The support from the Business School, colleges, and other communities (even someone in a pub) played a profound role in this. On top of that, the support from my MBA classmates has been invaluable. Their understanding and collaboration, recognising my unique challenges as a student father, has been an important pillar of support. As a father, I felt reassured that my daughter was growing in a nurturing environment, and my wife was being supported as well.

What I have learnt from this journey so far, is that fatherhood is not a role you play in isolation. It’s an interplay between personal ambition, family commitments, and the collective support of your environment. Overcoming the unique challenges of being a father and a student, I find myself fulfilling personal growth, and deepening the family bonding.

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