This term the Energy and Environment Special Interest Group hosted its inaugural external speaker session of the academic year, featuring an enlightening presentation by three consultants from Roland Berger on Carbon Capture Usage and Storage (CCUS).

The Energy and Environment SIG serves as a platform for students keen on deepening their industry knowledge and fostering proactive, interactive learning initiatives.

Initiating the academic year’s agenda, SIG members engaged in discussions and a democratic selection process to determine the primary learning focus, culminating in the choice of CCUS as the inaugural topic.

Addressing the pressing global challenge of declining carbon emissions necessitates mitigating or curtailing emissions from extant thermal power plants. CCUS technologies offer a pivotal solution by capturing CO2 emissions at the source, subsequently either sequestering them deep underground or transforming them into viable commodities.

In pursuit of insightful perspectives from industry experts, our outreach efforts extended to three consultants at Roland Berger, a distinguished German-origin management consulting firm renowned within the UK market. During our thorough online exploration, we encountered an exceptional CCUS report authored by Arindam Das, a principal consultant, and his team, prompting our outreach.

Graciously, Anirud Gupta, a Cambridge Alumnus and member of Roland Berger’s market report team, responded affirmatively to our invitation, exemplifying the invaluable networks fostered by the University of Cambridge.

In late November, Arindam, Anirud, accompanied by CCUS specialist Shelly Feng, generously convened at Cambridge Judge Business School for an enriching session. The event comprised not only a wealth of industry insights through a comprehensive presentation but also an interactive segment that encouraged active participation and robust discussions, persisting until the session’s conclusion.

We extend our sincere gratitude for the exceptional opportunity afforded to us to learn from these industry stalwarts. The Energy and Environment SIG remains committed to orchestrating further enriching learning sessions in the forthcoming term.

Thank you to the Energy and Environment SIG team members – Kenji Niwa, Vimal Lamba, Joshua Hobson, and MFin student, Juita Sari Zainuddin.