In December, a Partner’s lunch hosted by the Cambridge MBA Programme Team took place at Brown’s Restaurant next to the Business School, for about 20 attendees, showcasing Cambridge Judge’s exemplary commitment to MBA students and their families.

This event highlights Cambridge Judge’s understanding of the importance of support systems in academic success. By involving students’ partners and families, it fosters a sense of community and balance, essential for those relocating to the UK with families, for their education. The Partners’ Lunch is a testament to CJBS’s holistic approach to student well-being, blending academic pursuits with family life. It’s not just an event; it’s a reflection of the School’s inclusive culture and dedication to nurturing relationships, integral to personal and professional growth.

The Partners’ Lunch is part of the wider support Cambridge Judge and the MBA Programme Team offers to the partners and families of our MBA students, during their MBA year in Cambridge.