The opportunity to study at the University of Cambridge, Judge Business School has enabled me to pursue a rich and unique educational experience in a vibrant and diverse community where there is an emphasis on experiential learning. The MBA programme allows me to gain real-world experience in challenging business environments and develop key hard-core skills in critical areas, to achieve excellence in my future career.

At the beginning of the Cambridge MBA, my MBA Study Group embarked on the Cambridge Venture Project (CVP), affording me the chance to collaborate with real clients and ensure the fulfilment of specific requirements and client needs. Throughout the MBA programme, I not only acquired essential concepts and skills but also had the privilege of applying them in the CVP, providing me with the opportunity to put theory into practice and gain invaluable real-world experience. I also enjoyed working with a diverse group of students, each bringing unique backgrounds and work experiences.

This team collaboration supported me in applying my collective knowledge and merging my individual expertise with the skills learned during the various MBA courses across my first term in Cambridge. I aimed to deliver a high-quality outcome from my CVP, showcasing my capabilities, and reinforcing my acquired knowledge. In conclusion of the CVP experience, my group and I successfully met the client’s requirements and left a lasting impression by delivering the desired outcome.

Beyond shaping my future career path, Cambridge Judge Business School has assembled an extraordinary and diverse cohort of MBA students, offering priceless opportunities for networking and social engagement. As a student from Saudi Arabia, this environment prompted me to proactively engage with everyone on the MBA programme and this diverse cohort has significantly contributed to the expansion of my global network.

In the MBA terms ahead, I look forward to collaborating with a new diverse group of students, as well as being in a new Study Group, as part of the Global Consulting Project (GCP). This opportunity promises to provide me with a distinctive international experience, and I am enthusiastic about extracting the utmost value from it. I aim to leverage the skills and knowledge gained from my MBA courses, particularly the Cambridge Venture Project and the Global Consulting Project, to make a meaningful contribution to the development of my country, “Saudi Arabia”.

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