Thrilled to have returned to my MBA alma mater, Cambridge Judge , to share insights on Innovation in Africa. The story of Interswitch Group is always an honour to share.

Joined by former colleague and co-fintech collaborator Khadijah Abu from Paystack, it was a session filled with enriching conversations. Here are a few takeaways that resonated with me:

  • Networks matter: Grateful to Professor Jaideep Prabhu for providing this platform (I was his student in 2011). Maintaining connections over the years proved invaluable.
  • Relationships have lasting value: Khadijah reminded me that I was her first boss back in 2007! It’s inspiring to see her journey from then to now, leaving a mark not just at Switch but also as a positive Switch Alumni with her impressive work at Paystack.
  • Sharing is empowering: Last year, I did this alone and it was great but I thought of how much better it would be to share this platform. Collaborating with Khadijah to tell our stories was a fantastic decision. The fusion of Interswitch and Paystack narratives imbued our session with profound value.
  • Our stories are ours to own and tell: With so much negativity surrounding Nigeria and Africa’s economic narratives, and the heightened migration of talent in search of a better life (called japa ), it was soothing to tell and hear positives come from Nigeria and Africa. Indeed, something good can come out of Nigeria.

Looking forward to more sessions and insights on African Innovation stories at Cambridge Judge Business School in the coming year!

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