This spring, a group of Cambridge MBA students embarked on a transformative Global
Consulting Project (GCP) with the Dubai Future District Fund (DFDF), marking a significant
academic and cultural expedition into the Middle East.

This student-sourced initiative, networked with a MFin alumnus now at DFDF, was not just a test of our analytical acumen but also a comprehensive immersion into the vibrant local culture.
The project aimed to develop investment theses around three pivotal themes: The Future of
Finance, The Future of Work, and The Future of Healthcare, specifically tailored for the
MENA region.

These sectors, ripe for innovation and growth, provided a fertile ground for us
to integrate our rigorous Cambridge training with real-world financial complexities.
Throughout our stay, we navigated Dubai’s dynamic landscape, from its towering
skyscrapers to its bustling souks, all while engaging deeply with the cultural nuances of the
UAE, especially during the Eid festivities. The experience was briefly halted by an
unprecedented storm which bought the city to a grinding halt. But the resilience and rapid
response of Dubai’s civil infrastructure, allowed us to resume and successfully present our
findings to the CEO of the client, DFDF.

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive. The DFDF lauded the insightful analysis and
strategic foresight, and expressed eagerness to uphold this partnership for future GCPs with Cambridge Judge Business School.

This endorsement not only signifies a seal of approval from a key financial player in the
region but also paves the way for future cohorts to explore similar impactful opportunities.

This Cambridge MBA consulting project is a testament to the global and practical learning approach that Cambridge champions, preparing its graduates to thrive across diverse environments and challenges.
For the students involved, it was an invaluable foray into venture capital, an intense cultural
journey, and an overall exceptional educational experience that will resonate for years to

Thank you to the Cambridge MBA team – Romit Kapoor, Dhruv Nayar, Christophe Ponticelli, Ashutosh Sarda and Sumanyu Sharma.

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