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Energy and Environment SIG speaker session

Energy and Environment SIG speaker session

This term the Energy and Environment Special Interest Group hosted its inaugural external speaker session of the academic year, featuring an enlightening presentation by three consultants from Roland Berger on Carbon Capture Usage and Storage (CCUS). The Energy and Environment SIG serves as a platform for students keen on deepening their industry knowledge and fostering […]

Three reasons for choosing Cambridge Judge as a tech sector builder

In the eyes of entrepreneurs, the MBA at Cambridge Judge Business School is a unique existence, because you can not only learn the business skills required for entrepreneurship, participate in the business school’s entrepreneurial incubator, and receive professional guidance, but also have links to the entire University of Cambridge eco-system. Have a clear self-understanding: Why […]

Diwali – lights and laughter at Cambridge Judge

In November, The Cambridge India Business Forum SIG had the pleasure of organising a Diwali (Indian festival of lights) Formal Hall Dinner at Sidney Sussex College, for the students of Cambridge Judge Business School (CJBS). It was a memorable night of networking and cultural gathering. The guest panel included: Dame Sandra Dawson, ex-Director of Cambridge Judge Business […]

My MBA experience in the Management Praxis class – playing games and making a short movie

My MBA experience in the Management Praxis class – playing games and making a short movie

When I first started the MBA programme, I expected to face coursework that was heavily quantitative and analytical. However, I ended up finding a class where I play (competitive) games and make a short movie about how people behave in an office in Indonesia. As someone who studied Communications, and went on to work in […]

Black History Month being celebrated by our newest MBA cohort

Black History Month being celebrated by our newest MBA cohort

Celebrating our MBA students and Cambridge Judge Business School alumni making their own History as part of the UK’s Black History Month. “Black History Month holds significant importance for me, both personally and professionally. It is a time to celebrate the rich heritage, culture, and contributions of the Black community. This initiative serves as a […]

Dental drills to MBA skills: Cambridge MBA genesis 

Life’s a fascinating journey, and sometimes it takes unexpected turns that lead us to remarkable destinations. My story is a testament to the power of passion, ambition, and the pursuit of new horizons.  As a dentist with a Master’s in Oral Medicine and Radiology, I was well-versed in the nuanced dimension of clinical practice and […]

An unforgettable journey: The South Eastern Asia Trek 2023

In late June 2023, a group of curious Cambridge MBA students, led by myself and with the invaluable guidance of MBA alumnus Gary Gu, embarked on a trek to understand the fintech landscape and entrepreneurship spirit of South Eastern Asia. Our journey was meticulously planned to encompass two contrasting landscapes: Singapore, a well-established hub for […]

Our MBA International Business Study Trip

For our Summer Term at Cambridge Judge Business School my 2022/23 classmates and I participated in the first ever MBA International Business Student Trip (IBST) run by our esteemed Professors, Dr. Michael Kitson and Dr. Christopher Marquis in Berlin, Germany. During our time in Berlin, we had the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the art and science that is […]