The MBA at Cambridge Judge Business School has been the best year of my life. Whether it is interacting with talented individuals, experiencing the Cambridge University lifestyle, or travelling on short breaks with my MBA cohort mates, all have left a lasting impact on me. Despite all these amazing experiences the highlight of my MBA was the Global Consulting Project (GCP).

The GCP is a 4-week long project that MBA students must participate in. Students are put into teams of 4 or 5 to provide consulting services to a particular company. I am in awe at the list of companies that Cambridge Judge had assembled, with names ranging from budding start-ups to giants such as Blackrock and Siemens.

My GCP was with BloombergNEF, a research provider on the trends relating to a lower carbon economy. The team’s task was to investigate whether there was an appetite amongst investors to invest in Nature-based Solutions (NbS) that cut down carbon and promote biodiversity. Working within a diverse team of four individuals from different work and geographical backgrounds served as a great learning experience. I enjoyed speaking to government and private organisations to gather insights into the NbS space.

Working from Bloomberg’s European HQ in London was a great experience as it gave me a chance to network with Bloomberg’s staff and see their exceptional facilities including their television studios.  I believe this experience has prepared me for my life after the MBA, as it has given me the confidence to research a topic that I have no prior knowledge of, understand what the client wants from me, find answers, and present meaningful insights that will add value to the client.

Finally, the thing that gives me great joy is that BloombergNEF used our team’s research to form a full-time team to continue further research into this topic and as if this was not enough, they also hired one of the Cambridge MBA team members as a full-time employee to work within that newly formed team. I will always look at my GCP as the true highlight of my Cambridge MBA and a feature that sets the Cambridge MBA apart from other MBA programmes.

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