First term of the MBA, I was all over the place, mentally and emotionally. I was in a new country with unpredictably cold weather, meeting super achievers from 20+ countries in an MBA, with the pressure of studies and career. But one thing that kept me focussed and disciplined was rowing at Hughes Hall Boat Club.

Getting up at 6AM every week was the most difficult part. I had to force myself to say NO to many gatherings happening in the MBA cohort and get to bed by 10:30PM. I chose to train over hanging out with my new Cambridge MBA friends. Several times I questioned my decision to row out of fear of losing out on my MBA experience.

Reflecting today, I carry with me vivid memories of every rowing session I did, early mornings in the worst weather I could imagine. New to the sport, I befriended people from different walks of life. I was coached by an amazing person who has been rowing for more than 20 years. Moreover, it made me truly connect with the goals and values of my Cambridge College, Hughes Hall.

I am excited to kick off the new term Lent Term Rowing Season starting this month. Yeah Hughes!

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