For our Global Consulting Project (GCP), our team of Cambridge MBA students self-sourced a project with Deloitte Ventures. Deloitte Ventures brings together creative problem solvers, doers and makers, using technology in new ways to make a positive impact for our clients and society.  

The UK space ecosystem is brimming with the capability needed to be world class but we won’t get there by chance; it will be by design. The UK can choose to build its capacity and capability to be a major contributor to the global space economy. New Space calls for us to be agile and dynamic compared to legacy spacefaring nations. There is a time-limited opportunity to position the UK as leaders in the next generation of space. To get there, industry development in the New Space paradigm must be different, and it requires an ecosystem mindset.

In the spirit of embodying this mindset, our MBA team has developed a global, multi-faceted approach to explore the ecosystem across partner nations across the globe to understand the current state of the space ecosystem, and the potential for furthering current and putting forth new synergies in the hope of developing robust project partnerships. To do this, we have split up our team to travel across the globe to Australia, Japan, the EU, and to various parts of the UK to meet face-to-face with academia, public and private sector, and educational stakeholders to understand their role and vision in this regard.

You can read more about why Deloitte is excited about the future of SpaceTech in the foreword of Sifted’s inaugural SpaceTech report (sponsored by Deloitte).