For our Global Consulting Project (GCP), our team of Cambridge MBA students self-sourced a project with Leave a Nest Group and Real Tech Holdings, aimed at helping Japanese Deep Tech startups expand their business to the UK.

The crucial role of deep tech start-ups in Japan’s stagnant economy

Through our research and interactions with experts in Japan, we came to understand the critical role that deep tech start-ups play in Japan’s stagnant economy. By supporting these start-ups, Japan can position itself as a leader in innovation and create new opportunities for economic growth.

Supporting global solutions: The journey of Japanese start-ups in the UK market

We worked with three outstanding Japanese start-ups, Euglena, WOTA, and ThinkCyte, each aiming to solve a global challenge. For example, Euglena used microalgae to create healthy and balanced nutrition for everyone. In the business development of Euglena’s microalgae-derived food products, we investigated market entry challenges (e.g., the Novel Food Regulations), consumer preferences, and market size in the UK and EU markets to help them establish a presence there. We also set up fruitful meetings with potential local partners (e.g., online retailer, distributor) to help them build relationships in the UK.

Unlocking growth: The power of networking and collaboration in Deep Tech investing

In the final week of the project, the Japanese start-ups were invited to the UK for a tour of UK venture capitalists, government agencies, and academia, including the University of Cambridge. Networking is vital when expanding to a new market, and start-ups need to build relationships with local partners and potential customers. We vividly recognised that our clients, Leave a Nest Group and Real Tech Holdings, were not only investing in start-ups but also growing their portfolios by becoming a hub for these networks.

Overall, our experience emphasised the importance of deep tech investing in driving innovation and growth globally. We are grateful for the opportunity to work with Leave a Nest Group and Real Tech Holdings, as well as the three exceptional Japanese start-ups. We hope that our efforts have contributed to their success in the UK market, and we look forward to seeing their continued growth and impact in the future.