Attending EUROUT in London this Michaelmas Term, was nothing short of a revelation – a pivotal moment in my 30-year life where I felt deeply cared for, respected and valued as a gay professional. The insights shared during the event resonated with me on a profound level:

Jose-Luis Moura’s powerful message struck a chord: “Be the role model you always wanted to have.”

For over a decade, embracing my identity and seeking guidance has been a personal struggle. I am fortunate to eventually be able to get closer to the role models I have always admired and more than determined to become one myself. 

Words fall short in expressing my excitement, sentiment, and the overwhelming support received from this amazing community throughout 2023.

A huge shoutout to all the organisers and the venue, London Business School, for hosting this terrific and thought-provoking event. Special thanks to Cambridge Judge Business School and my new friends and classmates on my MBA cohort, Class of 2023/24 and every proud individual I have met on this journey so far – for making everything possible!

Here’s to the power of community, growth, and the inspiring journey ahead.  

Read more about our support for the LGBTQ+ community on the Cambridge MBA, in our MBA Class Profile pages, as well as the wider EDI support across Cambridge Judge Business School, along with that on offer across the wider University of Cambridge community.