Recently, I contemplated the return on investment of my MBA programme at the University of Cambridge. I quickly realised my most valuable returns:

Financial Skills – when I joined the programme, I felt that I lacked financial knowledge. Therefore, I took the Finance Concentration and immersed myself in entirely new topics like financial modeling, investment management, financial statement analysis, and more. It probably took me longer than others to grasp all the new insights. However, it was worth it. Coming out of the MBA, I feel that I have now acquired all the necessary skills for my future path.

Empathetic Leadership – the MBA was full of intense group work projects, which helped me to, not only better understand myself, but also other individuals. Consequently, team dynamics and direct feedback enabled me to pursue my personal goals, while taking into account the priorities of others. Special thanks to my MBA Study Group and team for exemplifying mutual success.

Long Lasting Friendship – I made genuine connections both inside and outside the Cambridge MBA programme, socialising with literature students, archeologists, engineers, athletes, and more. We bonded over dinners, movies, and long hours at the library. Today, I can just reach out to my MBA friends and the wider College networks, and receive support from their positive spirits. In return, I am always prepared to give back the same.

All in all, my Cambridge MBA experience has surpassed my expectations for knowledge and building relationships. I’ll always cherish this magical place as formative for my future personal and professional growth.

MBA alumnus, Rudolf Moos, held the Dean’s Scholarship for MBA Class of 2022/23, he is currently based in Paris.