As a consultant with PwC in India, I collaborated with clients, helping them strategise their global expansion strategy. I witnessed first-hand the key challenges new-age businesses face, such as Intellectual Property protection, flexibility in fund-raising, and unlocking cash flow efficiencies, while managing regulatory constraints and investor expectations.

Even as new-age or well-established businesses struggle with outdated regulations, the blitzkrieg pace of tech-driven change – think AI/ML, Big Data – continues unabated. As a consultant, I strived to address this dilemma by helping set up a startup-focused sub-practice through which I helped established multinationals and entrepreneurial ventures navigate unchartered regulatory waters and strategised their global expansion strategy.

My experiences highlighted how rapid technological disruptions and the inability to unlock cashflow efficiencies while managing regulatory constraints stage, often nip the ambitions of early founders in the bud. With my experience working with early- to IPO-bound startups, I have supported founders in shaping their global strategy and transformation agenda and gained a well-rounded view of how to unlock growth levers.

A place that helps innovators, world-shapers, and ground-breakers become leaders who transform global business and society; my experience at Cambridge Judge Business School over the last few months has been a fusion of historic prestige with modern innovation, a rigorous academic curriculum, and a vibrant community life.

The Lent Term has been particularly exciting as we are studying the MBA Electives we opted for and the most exciting core class – the Negotiation Lab with Professor David Reiner. The art of negotiation emerges as a pivotal skill-set in conflict regulation and decision–making. Negotiation is an indispensable tool in the corporate world. Through engaging in case studies and performing complex multi-party negotiations, I have been able to appreciate the value behind identifying common grounds and exploring mutually beneficial solutions, thus transforming potential confrontations into opportunities for collaboration.

I am particularly looking forward to the MBA Global Consulting Project (GCP) where, as students, we not only contribute meaningful solutions to a host organisations but also undergo a significant personal and professional transformation, emerging as well-rounded global business leaders, equipped to navigate the complexities of the modern business landscape.

My experience at Cambridge Judge extends far beyond the classroom. The MBA cohort is a microcosm of global diversity, with peers from various countries, cultures, and professional backgrounds. This diversity fosters a rich learning environment where different perspectives are valued and debated. It is within this context that lifelong friendships are formed, and a strong professional network is built.