In the heart of Cambridge, Tony and I found more than just an education at Cambridge Judge Business School – we found a year brimming with love, learning, and friendships that would endure a lifetime.

Our story began just before our MBA started in 2022. My world was fintech, and Tony’s was in the automotive and robotics industries. Despite our different paths, Cambridge brought us together, and our relationship bloomed just as our MBA journey was about to begin.

We attended MBA classes, worked on case studies, models and the Global Consulting Project, practiced negotiations, and joined in on many of the fun activities together that the whole University of Cambridge offered. We missed the chance to apply for a couple accommodation, but we were lucky to be allocated to Darwin College and Queens’ College, close enough to share every minute of our days, when we needed to! Whether we were studying or enjoying college events, Porters and staff from both Darwin and Queens’ knew us well – we were truly part of the wider Cambridge family.  

Being together made everything easier. In a world where making true friends can be tough, we found our tribe in Cambridge. Our friends from the MBA, EMBA and PhD cohorts are not just for now – they are for life. We share dreams and plans, and we know we will be there for each other in the future.

One of the most impressive aspects of the Cambridge MBA is its diversity. It brought us, with our different backgrounds, into a vibrant community of over 200 students from all corners of the globe. This melting pot of cultures, thoughts, and entrepreneurial spirits, created an environment rich in diverse perspectives. It was in these classrooms and group sessions that we encountered perhaps the most diverse team we’ll ever be part of in our lives. The MBA programme didn’t just educate us in business; it was a year-long journey of intellectual and emotional encounters. It allowed us, along with our peers, to collide and merge our varied ideas and feelings, fostering an unparalleled environment for learning and innovation. This diversity is what makes the Cambridge MBA unique and why it will always hold a special place in our hearts.

We all know finding Mr.Right and Ms.Right can be really hard in big cities. But at Cambridge, Tony and I found a peaceful place to grow our love. We had a whole year of being together every day, giving us the strength and belief to face the future together.

Now we are back in Shanghai having a busy life, we’re very grateful for what Cambridge and the Cambridge Judge MBA offered. The lessons we learned and the memories we made at Cambridge are not just about books and classes – they are about life, love, and the journey we shared. Our voyage through the MBA programme not only strengthened our bond but also broadened our horizons, all made possible by the dynamic and inclusive atmosphere cultivated by the Business School.

This is our Cambridge story, a simple tale of how love, learning, and friendship can change everything.

Our little video celebrating falling in love in Cambridge >