As a ROMBA Fellow in the Cambridge MBA 2023/24 class, and a recipient of the Cambridge MBA ROMBA LGBTQ+ scholarship, I embarked on this journey to advance my career. The ROMBA LGBTQ+ scholarship was instrumental in making my studies at Cambridge possible, allowing me to take this significant step forward.

The beginning of the MBA programme was rockier than I had imagined. Returning to full-time study after nearly ten years since my undergraduate degree in language was more challenging than I expected. One of the silver linings during this difficult time was alumnus Virut Hemnilrat (MBA 2022/23, Co-Chair of Pride @ CJBS). He offered invaluable guidance and support, embodying the spirit of the LGBTQ+ community at Cambridge Judge by looking out for one another in times of need.

One of the best parts of being at Cambridge Judge is the limitless networking opportunities. We were invited to the EUROUT Conference 2023 at London Business School, where we connected with LGBTQ+ business students and professionals across Europe. Additionally, we organised the OxBridge Pride Mixer during Pride Month, inviting our friends from Oxford to Cambridge for a memorable event. Making these meaningful connections, both within and outside Cambridge, has been the highlight of my MBA.

However, my MBA year has passed like lightning. Just as I was getting used to being a student at Cambridge, the programme is now almost coming to an end. One of my final goals as a ROMBA Fellow is to stay connected with the LGBTQ+ community at CJBS and pass on Virut’s spirit of service to incoming students.

Together with my classmates, Sean Shu (Co-Chair of Pride @ CJBS), and Ryan Jackloski, and MFin student, Parth Sethi, we are launching the Pride @ CJBS Mentorship Programme for incoming MBA and MFin students. This programme aims to provide support for their life in Cambridge, academic journey and career preparation. We have also launched the Pride @ CJBS Network platform, where all LGBTQ+ alumni and students can come together for the first time.

I believe the real journey of being part of the CJBS community starts now, as future alumni of the University of Cambridge. Wherever we are in the world, I am confident that I will encounter Cambridge alumni, and we will continue to support each other. I look forward to the next chapter of my career, ready to embark on this journey with the Cambridge community at my back.

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