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Of reinvention and videogames

In the world of business school marketing, flexibility is a term that is often used to describe the versatility and wide ranging applicability of an MBA program. Almost every top Bschool ends up promising versatile course content and fluid program boundaries, all of which are aimed at helping students tailor their MBA experience and career outcomes. At Cambridge Judge […]

Why I chose The Cambridge MBA over another UK MBA programme

A year ago, I was in a fortunate position to choose between Cambridge and another UK business school for my MBA. I did my research and preferred Cambridge Judge Business School for a  few important reasons – 1)  the concentrations on offer 2)  a better project focus 3)  the small class-size and 4) location – not necessarily in that order. […]

Unique experiences of the Cambridge MBA

There were three important reasons why I chose Cambridge Judge Business School over other schools: university ecosystem, one-year program structure,  plus the Health and Entrepreneurship concentrations. Our first six weeks of Michaelmas term have confirmed all of these, particularly the rigorous nature of the program. There wasn’t a single moment where weren’t learning or networking. While […]


Bilbo Baggins of Bag End has very recently become my favourite storybook character for two outstanding reasons. First, he knew how to make himself disappear; a feat that even Superman still has not caught up with. Second, he profoundly described my thoughts on Excel functions and formulas – “I don’t know half of you half […]

Start-up Maths

As readers of my last blog post are aware, an amazing team and I are starting a business, MunuWhiz, this summer focused on the gifting of virtual goods. Approximately, one month since my last post, the excitement and work continue to mount. The Internet and CJBS library are flush with texts highlighting considerations to make […]

The Summer Start-up

The summer has finally, after months of waiting, arrived in Cambridge.  The clouds have cleared and the puddles and muddy walkways have dried.  This change in weather proves an encouraging entrance into the next chapter of life for this year’s MBA class. The chapter I am amidst writing this summer is dedicated to starting a […]