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MBA alumna Oremeyi Akah returns to class to share insights on Innovation in Africa

Thrilled to have returned to my MBA alma mater, Cambridge Judge , to share insights on Innovation in Africa. The story of Interswitch Group is always an honour to share. Joined by former colleague and co-fintech collaborator Khadijah Abu from Paystack, it was a session filled with enriching conversations. Here are a few takeaways that […]

Our Cambridge MBA story – how love, learning, and friendship can change everything

In the heart of Cambridge, Tony and I found more than just an education at Cambridge Judge Business School – we found a year brimming with love, learning, and friendships that would endure a lifetime. Our story began just before our MBA started in 2022. My world was fintech, and Tony’s was in the automotive and robotics industries. Despite […]

Global MBA connections – a lifelong network

As a consultant with PwC in India, I collaborated with clients, helping them strategise their global expansion strategy. I witnessed first-hand the key challenges new-age businesses face, such as Intellectual Property protection, flexibility in fund-raising, and unlocking cash flow efficiencies, while managing regulatory constraints and investor expectations. Even as new-age or well-established businesses struggle with […]

My MBA – a return on investment? An alumnus perspective.

Recently, I contemplated the return on investment of my MBA programme at the University of Cambridge. I quickly realised my most valuable returns: Financial Skills – when I joined the programme, I felt that I lacked financial knowledge. Therefore, I took the Finance Concentration and immersed myself in entirely new topics like financial modeling, investment […]

My MBA making global connections during a period of deglobalisation

Twelve years ago, I obtained my Master’s degree in the UK and have since worked in finance and investment sectors. I have served in three Fortune500 companies, mainly dealing with cross-border M&A businesses. Before my MBA at the University of Cambridge, I held positions as the Investment Director at a listed company in China and […]

Rugby, Cambridge and my MBA

After pursing a PhD for the past three years at the University of Cambridge, in Politics and International Studies, while also playing for Cambridge’s first rugby team, I decided to switch gears and challenge myself with an MBA. The experience at Cambridge Judge Business School has been extraordinary thanks to the incredible classmates and faculty […]

Balancing books and boots: MBA student-athlete at the birthplace of football

Just four months ago, I embarked on an MBA at Cambridge, the experience so far has been nothing short of extraordinary, thanks to the incredible teams I’ve joined. My last term involved working on the Cambridge Venture Project, where I engaged closely with a diverse group of teammates, gaining invaluable hands-on experience. Additionally, I participated […]

Japan Night with the Cambridge MBA Japan Special Interest Group

Hello everyone! We are Japan SIG, or Special Interest Group. We organise several cultural events and a Japan trek every MBA year at Cambridge Judge. This time, we would like to report on Japan Night, which was held on November 24th during Michaelmas Term in 2023. What is Japan Night? Japan Night is an experiential […]

My MBA International Case Competition – second place winner

My MBA International Case Competition – second place winner

Thrilled to share that our MBA team clinched second place at the LBS International Case Competition! Huge thanks to my incredible teammates, Kashmira Jirafe, Lavanya Dalasari, and Kaviraj Khurana, and your feedback on how to get my presentation right and unwavering support during the late-night session has been immensely valuable.Absolutely loved working with this team! (and a […]

Making the best out of a place where I met brilliant friends and leading thinkers in their fields

Making the best out of a place where I met brilliant friends and leading thinkers in their fields

The Michaelmas Term so far in Cambridge has been nothing short of fulfilling and I am extremely grateful for this opportunity to study in this beautiful city. I wanted to broaden my perspectives and learn not just from the business curriculum and network at Cambridge Judge, but also from the wider Cambridge community made of […]

From Saudi Arabia – an MBA perspective

From Saudi Arabia – an MBA perspective

The opportunity to study at the University of Cambridge, Judge Business School has enabled me to pursue a rich and unique educational experience in a vibrant and diverse community where there is an emphasis on experiential learning. The MBA programme allows me to gain real-world experience in challenging business environments and develop key hard-core skills […]